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The problems you are facing!

In your Life

Like any woman, it must be said that working your eyebrows with tweezers is so painful and even worse you often irritate your skin.

More, you spend a lot of time and money on your unpleasant eyebrow hair removal sessions!

With your Eyebrows

Waxing or tweezing causes skin damage, exposes you to harsh chemicals, and even premature wrinkles.

NIDA™ is here to help you 

NIDA™ has been specially designed to help you maintain perfect brows easily and quickly.

Innovative and Efficient

  • NIDA™ removes hair around the eyebrows precisely, instantly, and softly.
  • The integrated LED light allows you to remove invisible hair to the naked eye regardless of the brightness of the place you are!
  • With its hypoallergenic 18-carat gold-plated head, Nida™ is suitable for all types of skin.

Without any pain and side effects

  • No more waxing and hair removal pains!
  • Our electric epilator offers you safe hair removal without harmful side effects.
Simple et Design
  • Elegant and discreet, put your NIDA™ in your bag, it will go unnoticed!
  • Easy to use, use it like your lipstick. So easy, right?
  • Its lightness allows optimal control, a natural and comfortable grip during use
  • You can also wash it in the water without a problem (waterproof)


  • Use it to get rid of unwanted hair from lips, cheeks, hands, or even legs

      Outstanding results

      • You will have perfectly shaped eyebrows.

      • It removes hair with precision and gives you a perfect result.

      • Get satisfying results in just 3 minutes!

      Buy without hesitation!

      • Stop suffering NOW to be beautiful!
      • NIDA™ is your new best friend of everyday
      • Save money, save time, and say goodbye to your beautician!


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